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An Ayurveda consultation can be meant for curing a disease and also for maintaining good health by understanding about one’s own body. Consultations will give you an insight about your body constitution, bio energy and mind energy imbalances if any.


Ayurveda consultation with our qualified Ayurveda doctors will focus on addressing the root cause of imbalance rather than symptomatic treatment. Ayurveda promotes harmonizing and realigning the imbalanced humors in the body which in turn provides an apt environment for the body to heal within. Our Ayurveda doctors are like your family doctors who can be consulted for minor to major daily ailments. The clients will be guided with a specially tailored Ayurveda diet and lifestyle. Apt recommendations with lucid ways to correct the imbalances through herbs, spices, therapeutic yoga, pranayama, meditations and stimulating vital energy points in the body. The doctor will also prescribe Ayurveda herbal medicines, Ayurveda treatments if required.